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Long Arm Quilting

 Please note: We are not currently accepting work orders for long arming. 

     Whether you choose Sarah’s Thimble for your long arm quilting needs or another vendor, there are some guidelines any quilter should follow. Here is a list of frequently asked questions and answers that apply for most long arm quilters.

Q: What kind of quilting does the shop do?
At Sarah's Thimble, we only offer E2E or Edge to Edge quilting. What is E2E? That is where an all over pattern is used to sew the top, batting, and backing (quilt sandwich) together. Custom quilting is a manual process of quilting the quilt sandwich. If you want many different patterns and specific blocks quilted a certain way, then you are seeking a Long Arm Quilter that does custom quilting.

Q: What size should my backing be?
The backing for your quilt must be a minimum of 8 inches longer, and 8 inches wider than the quilt top. This gives the quilter a 4 inch of space on all sides.
Q: What is my backing is more than one piece?
If the back is pieced, all seams should be 1/2” and be pressed open. Any selvage edges should be removed and not included in the 1/2” seam allowance.
Q: What kind of batting do I need?
Batting should be of good quality. At Sarah’s Thimble, we prefer Quilter’s Dream batting for our long armed quilts. Quilter’s Dream is a locally owned and operated company, and we sell their products in our store. Other brands that have similar quality are Hobbs or Warm and Natural brand batting.

Q: How do I get my quilt to be flat and even after it is quilted?
Both quilt top and backing should be completed, and then pressed for best results.

Q: I washed the fabric I used in the quilt top, do I need to was the backing?
If the fabric used in the top of your quilt was pre-washed, the backing fabric should also be pre-washed.
Q: My quilt top is “stretchy” along the edge, does that matter?
Usually this question means your quilt biased- or has edges that were cut along the bias. If your quilt has exposed biased edges, stay stitching is required to keep a quilt square and flat.

Q: How much does it cost to have a quilt long armed?
Our prices start at $.0275 a square inch for E2E quilting on quilts made with quilting cotton fabrics. Depending on thread color, brand, and the quilt pattern used, the price is scaled to the value of the time and materials we use on the quilt. There is an extra charge for any quilt that is made with non-traditional fabrics (anything that is not 100% quilter's cotton). If you would like an estimate, please call the shop to make and appointment for a free measure and estimate!

Q: How long does it take to have a quilt long armed?
Currently our long arm is in need of some TLC. We will update here when we re-start taking in customer quilts.

Q: I want to gift a quilt for Christmas, when can I drop it off?
The last day to drop off a quilt for holiday delivery this year is September 15, 2023. Any quilt dropped off after that date will not be ready until after the 2023 holiday season. 
And a note about backing with Minkee…
Minkee- the soft, warm, fuzzy fabric that feels just like a stuffed animal. If you are using Minkee fabric for backing, it must be a solid piece or pieced on the straight of the grain. Because of the way Minkee stretches, it has to be pinned to the long arm with the straight of the grain running alone the sides, and leave the selvage edges.