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Gift Card Policy
As of September 1, 2023, we will no be selling gift cards. If you have a valid gift card, you will need to redeem it by 11/30/2023.

Return Policy

Customers may return merchandise within 30 days with proof of purchase; provided that merchandise is deemed suitable for resale by the Manager. Special Order merchandise and cut fabric, including kits, are not eligible to be returned. We do not accept returns on patterns, books, software or embroidery designs.

All other sales are deemed final, unless stated otherwise.

Class Cancellation Policy

Payment for classes and events is required at time of registration. No refunds are given for cancellation within 7 days of class. Refunds are given for cancellations made 8 or more days prior to class date.

Classes cancelled by the store are completely refundable; the customer will be given the option of receiving a store credit or reimbursement.

Special events may have unique policies. Please refer to event registration page.

Wait list Policy

Customers may choose to be wait listed for classes or events, and will be slotted on a first-come, first-served basis. Payment is not required until the customer is formally slotted in the class or event.

Classroom Etiquette

  • Students and group members should refrain from wearing strong perfume, or scented hygiene products (shampoos, conditioners, lotions, or body wash) as a courtesy to those who are sensitive to strongly scented products.
  • Cell phones should be silenced or set to vibrate – if you need to use your cell phone, please leave the classroom to do so.
  • Do not bring children, pets, or guests to class.
  • Leave the classroom tidy, discard trash in the containers provided, or in the kitchen garbage. We recycle clean aluminum, glass, and cardboard, the container is in the kitchen also.
  • Make sure you take all your equipment and supplies home with you. We cannot store equipment and supplies, and are not responsible for personal property left at the shop.